MACK TO THE FUTURE- Nathaniel Mack III, A San Antonio Original

May 5, 2020

Nathaniel Mack III, A San Antonio Original


Today marks the first time in a month that the Observer cover feature is not focused on the COVID -19 pandemic.  Instead our focus is on an individual from San Antonio who has accomplished amazing feats in his young and blossoming legal career.   In Texas, the term local hero is typically reserved for someone who has achieved noteworthy athletic feats.  While our subject played Big 12 football, athletics has nothing to do with why we are featuring Nathaniel Mack III!


​To appreciate “Mack,” which is how those in his inner circle refer to him, one must first walk in the shoes of his forefathers.  Nathaniel Mack Sr., his grandfather, grew up in Baltimore, Maryland during the pre-civil rights era.  Mack Sr.was a hard-working man who was employed by one of the city’s largest employers, Bethlehem Steel.   The company built a town for employees called Turners Station, which became a small enclave for the black workers who had moved from the South as part of the Great Migration. But as business boomed, the company declined to expand that housing, leaving black employees to fend for themselves in the segregated Baltimore County.  As drugs and gangs overcame the working class and faith-driven community, Nathaniel Mack Jr. left his native Baltimore to attend the University of Maryland and eventually join the United States Air Force.


​While attending basic training at Lackland AFB, Mack Jr. married Margaret Mack. Margaret is a native of San Antonio who was born and raised on the city’s eastside. She received her bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s University and went on to become a teacher on the city’s school system. Nathaniel Mack Jr. inherited his work ethic from his father, but he also developed an entrepreneurial spirit from the military that he used to start Hope Entertainment, a faith-based entertainment company.  


Nathaniel Jr. and Margaret have been married 40 years and raised three boys and a girl.  Hard work and faith have become a generational trait in the Mack household.  “They have set an amazing example that has fueled me throughout my entire life”, says Mack III.  He continues by noting that “hard work and faith have brought me a lifetime of blessings,” and that he has“always been hard working and focused.”  He resisted the many temptations that exist within many high school and college social systems, and according to Mack III, his mother planted the legal seed within him.  Even though she was a teacher, Margaret possessed a paralegal degree.   “During my formative years she would tell me, ‘you are going to become a lawyer’”,shared Mack III.  When elders asked him what he wanted to do when he got older, Mack would relay this message to them.  “Back then I was not even sure what that meant” he remarked. As Mack III matured and began to explore things from a legal framework, he realized that not only did the law interest him, the subject also fit his talents.  He said that he, “was fascinated by the idea of using [his] skills and knowledge to help those who may not have the resources to overcome a situation or circumstance,” and mentioned that as he began his law career he started to understand that practicing law was a “huge responsibility, that required a significant amount of dedication and perseverance.”  




Mack attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  He received his Juris Doctorate from Saint Louis University. When he left San Antonio to further his education, he realized that the world was a remarkably diverse place. Moreover, he quickly recognized that society was not going to create a path for his success. He would have to create that on his own with hard work, discipline and patience.  This mindset further steeled his resolve to become an attorney.  His experiences taught him that the world is not always a comfortable place.  To become successful, one must understand the world they are living in while and be willing to get out of one’s comfort zone. There is great benefit in surrounding oneself with people from different backgrounds. As he pondered his future, he was determined to set a positive example for the youth in his community.  He began to use the strong reinforcement engrained in his belief system to discover that he could accomplish just as much if not more than his peers.  That fortitude would become key as he transitioned from academia to his legal career, and it was all built on the foundation that Nathaniel Mack Sr. crafted a generation ago at Bethlehem Steel!


​Upon his graduation from Saint Louis University, one of the top law schools in the country, Mack III hoped to practice in Chicago.  However, he coincidently visited the Windy City during Spring Break of his 3L year and encountered one of the colder winters on record.  Mack III had never experienced such frigid temperatures so late in the year.  As a result, he headed back to Texas where he took the bar exam and the rest is history.  While waiting for a firm in Houston or Dallas to call him, he worked at Sports Authority during the day and HEB at night.  The experienced humbled Mack III, and when a firm from Corpus Christi called, he ventured to the city along the Texas coast.  While there, one of the top attorneys in the State of Texas mentored him.  He learned the intricacies of personal injury law which further ignited the passion he has today for helping those who could not help themselves.  Having learned all that he could, he transferred that desire into an entrepreneurial fire that his father helped instill during their time living on the Eastside of San Antonio. After spending several years in Corpus Christi, Mack III moved back to San Antonio and opened Mack Injury Attorneys in 2017.  He added offices in Houston and Midland and rapidly began competing against the best firms in Texas.  His compassion and personal touch has made him an instant success.


​Most would be satisfied with all that he has accomplished so early in what is sure to be a lengthy career.  That is not the case with Nathaniel Mack III.  He created Mack to the Future to help those in the community who aspire for greatness.  He uses the nonprofit to provide the nurturing structure and guidance that he received from his parents.  Mack III wants to inspire and be a resource for youth in this community.  


“They are our future and are looking for role models,” says Nathaniel Mack III.  


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