“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back." Harvey Mackay


Eight months ago, I was appointed to represent District 2 on the Alamo College District Board of Trustees. However, my journey here did not begin last August, my interest in serving my proud Eastside community began twenty-seven years earlier when I was a student at San Antonio College. Over the course of nearly three decades, I would serve my community in various capacities, praying, and waiting, for the opportunity to serve District 2. When that opportunity arrived, I did not hesitate.  


After an intense interview process, I was blessed with the appointment. I wasted no time in getting to work. I learned early that time is not infinite, and with the benefit of serving as a School Board member for Judson ISD for nearly 10 years, I knew how “mismanaged” time could derail the best of intentions.


The best training an individual can ever earn is gained through real world experiences. In the real world of school board governance, you learn quickly that change does not come rapidly


I began my term connecting with many community members and groups throughout district 2 as soon as possible. Consequently, I was able to forge an initial necessity assessment during my first 100 days, which became the framework of my agenda for moving Alamo College District 2 forward.


My D2 agenda, which reflected the will of the community, was clear. The call to action was to end generational poverty throughout the district. Every effort of this office will be focused on taking on poverty at every corner. Ultimately, my effectiveness as a Trustee will be evaluated by how much we are able to diminish economic insecurities and increase the college going rates in D2.


On May 2, 2020, our community was scheduled to affirm my work as the D2 representative by “electing” me to office, or conversely, removing me if they did not believe in my leadership.  As we now know, COVID-19 had other plans. The election was cancelled and will more than likely be held on November 3, 2020.


What does this mean? It means only one thing. I have an opportunity to continue the fight on poverty in district 2 for at least 5 more months. This precious time should help me move critical issues even further. As I mentioned earlier, things do not change quickly, and eight months certainly left me in a tough spot. The blessing of five more months gives me a little more time to set things in motion.


For the record, I believe I have a great campaign team that will propel me to an election victory, whenever they schedule the election. However, I am humble enough to know that I could also lose. Sometimes things are meant to happen that are beyond your control. Which means, if I am not re-elected, I do not want to look back and say I did not take advantage of the time that I was given. Time is not infinite. Our community has waited long enough for change. I pledge to ensure it happens. It is truly time to make a difference.


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