May 12, 2020

Mack Attack- Serving the Community


Nathaniel Mack III is a true hometown hero.  A local resident, born and raised in San Antonio, his hard work, focus, and dedication has resulted in an accomplished career as one of the top injury attorneys in the State of Texas.  What makes Mack Injury Attorneys stand out from the other top firms in Texas is their commitment to advocate for
the rights of people in the community.  They provide personalized services and are reachable at any time to address their client’s questions and concerns. Mack Injury Attorneys at Law are committed to representing those in the community who have suffered an injury due to no fault of their own.



For the many in the community who have not had to seek out legal services, differentiating between attorneys who specifically practice personal injury law and their other legal counterparts is key.  Personal injury lawsuits occur due to someone else’s negligence.  This injury can be in the form of negative physical, financial, emotional, or mental impact. The state of Texas came up with personal injury laws that allow injured persons to proceed to civil court and claim personal losses that will render them “whole again.”  Prior to Mack Injury Attorneys at Law arriving on to the scene, many unfamiliar with the process would retain firms without knowledge of their legal rights.  When that happens, the process becomes difficult and expensive. However, attorneys such as Nathaniel Mack, decipher the confusion and become legitimate representatives who provide legal counsel and services. Though most personal injury lawyers tend to work with victims of car accidents, they also fight cases concerning medical malpractice, product liability, assaults, work accidents and wrongful death.

While there are no set guidelines to hiring a personal injury lawyer, victims must always seek one out after incidents where they or a loved one sustained injuries or damages. Mack Injury Attorneys at Law believe that inconvenienced individuals must go into these situations with proper consul.  Some of these circumstances include:

·       Entering Discussions with an Insurance Company after an 

        If you are ever an accident victim, you must get in touch with a personal injury           

        lawyer immediately.  Mack Injury Attorneys at Law are available 24/7.   They will              aid in making sure that medical bills are paid, and damage claims are filed.

·       When Liability is Not Clear:  In accidents where multiple parties might be   

         liable or situations where identifying the responsible party is difficult, contact     

         Mack Injury Attorneys at Law immediately.  Accidents involving multiple parties,

         complicate the insurance claim filing process.  Mack Injury Attorneys at Law will
         ensure that you are able to file and obtain settlement money from all parties


·       Your Insurance Company has decided to Act in Bad Faith: You
        might think that paying all those premiums guarantees you a fair shake with your

         insurance company. However, some insurance companies simply refuse to make a

        fair settlement. Mack Injury Attorneys at Law will negate bad faith insurance tactics 

        and force the insurance company’s hand.

Mack Injury Attorneys at Law is a firm that incorporates a personal touch that reminds clients of the southern charm used by many top injury firms.  What sets them apart from the competition is their unique blend of technology and individual interaction that captures victims.  Margaretta, a former client shared that, 


 “Mr. Mack, he made sure I was comfortable and that what we were discussing was important and worth his time. He was diligent and took time to make sure I fully understood the happenings of my case.”


Attorney Nathaniel Mack prides himself on connecting with his clients and understanding their needs. “Our injury and accident attorneys relate to each client, so we can best win on their behalf” he proudly stated.

The firm has offices in Houston, Midland and San Antonio.  The Midland office underscores their commitment to representing those without the resources to obtain qualified counsel.  The Permian Basin has been the largest supplier of in-basin, or “local sand,” in the Lower 48 with a nameplate capacity of 80 million tons of frac sand per year.  In three short years, suppliers designed, built, and operationalized over twenty frac sand facilities. The largest three mines have a nameplate capacity of 6 million tons each. Congestion, traffic, and incidents are inevitable with so much activity in the Permian that includes sand hauling, water hauling, frac crews, drilling rigs, and other well service providers.  Although only two percent of Texans live in the Permian Basin, eleven percent of all traffic fatalities occurred there according to a recent report from the Texas Department of Transportation.  During 2019, there were more than 30,000 accidents in the area. In fact, West Texans refer to Route 285 as the “Death Highway.”  The oil firms and trucking companies have ample legal representation.   Mack Injury Attorneys at Law is there to represent those wronged by big businesses.  Their presence ensures that profits do not come at the expense of people.

There are many laws that come into play in personal injury claims and the knowledge of these regulations is essential for legal success.  Mack’s lawyers understand the time limits to file a claim and all litigation procedures. They know how to prove negligence and liability, as well as the damages stemming from their client’s injuries. They handle the entire insurance and legal process so their customers do not have to worry.

Attorney Nathaniel Mack is hoping to get a chance to provide end to end legal services to those who are often overlooked by other top firms.  He is committed to helping members of his San Antonio community. The goal is always to fully understand the needs of each
client and to protect their rights under the law.  Whether the negligent party is another driver or a large corporation, Mack Injury Attorneys has the resources to stand up for your rights.  Always remember that an insurance company is not on the sufferer's side, and they will do whatever they can to limit their settlement. They have many tricks they will use to convince claimants to accept inadequate offers.  Mack Injury Attorneys will not let that happen.


They will help in many ways to ensure individuals receive the full compensation they deserve, including:

·       Preparing a persuasive claim with evidence to support
        liability and damages.

·       Handling every communication with insurance adjusters.

·       Calculating the value of a claim to ensure clients request
        enough to cover their losses.

·       Reviewing settlement offers and negotiating for more if an
        offer is too low.

·       Filing a personal injury claim in civil court if the insurance
        process is insufficient.

Mack Injury Attorneys will handle every single step of your case so that you can focus on getting back on your feet after your injury.




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