For those who do know me, and know my approach to governance, would be able to share a few things that have consistently represented my values.




1.  I fight for my community. I will always work to ensure my community has a voice,

     resources, support, and is focused on moving in a forward trajectory.


2.  I believe in two-way dialogue, the foundation of representative governance is 


     communication and access. I truly strive to deliver on those principles consistently.


3.  I believe in accountability, meaning that objectives and strategies have a vision and


     that targets and goals carry an expectation that they will be achieved.  




These of course are just a few of my personal philosophies. Today, I wanted to share my next phase for community empowerment and engagement in district 2. I am proud to announce the creation of the Alamo College District 2 Advisory Board. The formation of this committee will increase citizen input in the decision making process that will ultimately shape the future of higher education and workplace development in district 2.




You may ask, why is this important? Well, for several reasons.




1.  This is “Our” community and two-way dialogue is critical to moving a community     


     together. If we are to remove obstacles to economic achievement in D2, we must   \     


     come together.  


2.  This effort will ensure accountability of Alamo College District 2 strategies and



      initiatives. We will work together in shaping a forward trajectory.


3.  The committee will also help determine where resources and support is needed.   



4.  This collaboration will build “Unity” and create opportunity for our D2 community to



      have a seat at the table. From Denver Heights to Schertz Cibolo, from Dellcrest to


      Windcrest, and from Dignowity Hills to Converse – We are poised to stand united in


      our collective efforts to end generational poverty in D2.  





The Alamo College D2 Advisory Board has the potential to help bring forth changes in D2, some of which have been needed for generations. Our Alamo College D2 Advisory Board will begin to take shape this summer. COVID-19 cannot stop the necessary progress that is needed to bring about change. If necessary, we will meet virtually in August to set things in motion. Eventually I envision this committee meeting at the District office, Eastside Education and Training Center, and St. Philip's College, with one overarching theme, push D2 further than it has been before.






President Obama once said,




“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”




It is in that theme that I ask for D2 to unite in our fight against poverty, inequities, and inefficiencies. The time for achievement and breaking free from generational poverty is now.




It is not optimal to do this job alone, it should be done together. I would be honored for your interest in being a part of the inaugural Alamo College D2 Advisory Board, please email me directly at jmacias160@alamo.edu or call/text me directly at 210.386.0075 if you are interested in serving.


Much more to come. God Bless!












































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