The Beginning of the False Idea of Race



Large cracks are beginning to enlarge in the institutional system of white supremacy. Throughout hundreds of years holes have been punched into the idea that “whites” are superior. White people were invented under a system that sought to collapse Europeans into a racial category that does not exist in science. Whites were something else before their invention. They were Italians, Germans, French, Spanish, Jewish, English, and others before the Enlightenment (1715 – 1789), and the development of scientific racism. The term “race” did not exist before that in the same way people use the term today. It would be racist Enlightenment thinkers that would ruin the world with their invented categories of “race.”



The evil ones that did this were many but include Carl Linnaeus and Johann Blumenbach who sought to divide the world into different species when there is only one species of humans called Homo sapiens. Blumenbach falsely invented 6 races that he named the Caucasian, the Mongolian, the Malayan, the Ethiopian, and the American. Blumenbach claimed that Adam and Eve were Caucasian, and hence this was how pictures of “white Jesus” began to spread rapidly. It stands to reason that racist thought would develop using fake science during this period to justify imperialism and the taking of slaves and natural resources from other countries. In order to end religious fighting and justify slavery amongst the Europeans the way to ignorance was to invent the “white race.” In this way American colonies could thrive, freedom of religion could become a political goal and the end of hostilities between Protestants and Catholics could come to and end—all on the necks of Blacks, Native Americans, and other people of color. However, the Irish were one of the one of last ethnic groups to be accepted as “white.”


White supremacy did the same thing to black people. They refused to call Africans by their ethnic identity. Black people were Mende, Zulu, Shona, Vai, Gollum, Himba, Ashanti, Igbo. Hausa, Yoruba, Mandinka, and many others, but in order to create a white supremacist view they were all reduced to simply “Black.” Native Americans were also stripped of their ethnic culture as they were Apache, Comanche, Zapotec, Aztec, Mayan, Kickapoo, and others and turned into “Indians.” The goal of scientific racism was to create “races” and erase ethnic origins. By doing this they created “white” people by erasing the ancestry of Europeans into one box called “white.” Once this was done, the other people could be made into a single race in order to exploit and enslave them.


There are no races of people, only people from different cultures and locations. “Race” was invented to ascribe certain characteristics to people of color to justify white supremacy and the exploitation of them. Carl Linnaeus (1707—1778) was the father of racist hatred as he ascribed each invented race with characteristics that set the basis for scientific racism and horrors of slavery in America and the rest of the world.  According to his fake science, “Native Americans as reddish, stubborn, and easily angered; Africans, as black, relaxed and negligent; Asians, as sallow, avaricious, and easily distracted; while Europeans were depicted as white, gentle, and inventive.” As the slave trade increased people like Thomas Jefferson and other U.S. presidents adopted this false education to justify slavery in the United States. Eventually, these racist classifications were used by European colonial countries and America as well, to legalize their conquering of what they called the "lower" races. The invented concept of race was used to enforce slavery, and was the basis for Hitler’s genocide. Hence, Linnaeus created the false concept of race and whiteness. 



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