'In short we will fight' - The Importance of Ending Policies and Procedures that Undermine Diversity and Inclusion


As our response to the brutal killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, and many more, took center stage this week, I felt ANGRY, SADDENED, DISGUSTED, and BROKEN. Unfortunately, such brutalities have been regular occurrences in our Country for centuries. The only difference is in our ability to record such atrocities. My Grandmother often passed down the story in our family of her Brother, my Great Uncle, dying at the hands of police in 1988. “They killed him” she would often say. Although police reports do not reflect that account, she knew in her heart that those reports were wrong. We will never truly know, but his death deeply touched our family.

Over the weekend my family participated in rallies to end racism and police brutality across the Country. My wife and I participated in San Antonio, while my daughters stood up in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA. I am very proud to see my daughters stand up for social injustice and accountability. I know they also understand how important our struggle is to end racism and inequality in America.

Across the Country we have seen UNITY and HOPE come from hundreds of rallies, which has once again raised the consciousness of this issue and placed it back to the top of the National spotlight. So what do we do now? In short, we fight.



We fight to end generational poverty, we fight for a distribution of equitable resources, and we ensure that our children are well educated and workforce ready. We must also ensure that we have leaders that understand the importance of ending policies and procedures that undermine diversity and inclusion. Oftentimes, the rules established favor those in power. Only by being involved and engaged in the political or corporate processes can we create pathways for overcoming these barriers.

One of my primary goals on the Board of Alamo Colleges is not only to see more students of color enrolled, but to also ensure that there are resources to ensure they complete their studies. It is ultimately student achievement that will drive the changes we seek.


One of the projects that I am currently working to improve with my Colleagues and Administration involves revisions to our current business policies. What I am seeking are policies and practices that will open additional opportunities for businesses of color to work with Alamo Colleges. It is important that our business partners reflect our community. More so, what good will an educated and diverse workforce do IF there is limited opportunity to secure jobs or business partnerships.

As your District 2 representative of Alamo Colleges, I pledge to continue working to ensure that we have a strong voice, never tolerate discriminatory practices, or any other forms of institutional racism, on our campuses. I can also assure you that I do not stand alone in that notion of equity at Alamo Colleges.

May God help our Country and our community through this difficult time. As always, feel free to call me directly at 210.386.0075.  I love talking about education in our community.



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