All peoples come from one common origin. Skin is not race but was turned into that. For all of the people that were turned into white when their ancestors were Italian, German, French, English, and others for the purpose of creating white supremacy. When Indigenous People were turned into “Indians,” and for the Africans that lost their Mende, Shona, Zulu, Vai, and other ancestries to simply be boxed into skin color we pray. We remember George Floyd, Marquis Jones, Bobby Joe Phillips, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, George Jackson, Steve Biko, Solomon Mahlangu, Hector Santos Coy, Noble Cooper, Freddie Gray, and dozens of others murdered by police who have gone unpunished.


People have gathered together across the world as one family in support of Black Lives Matter. For racism is a crime against humanity. The hearts of mankind are filled with the fire of justice, of righteous judgment, with the desire to ensure justice for all. With unity against police abuse and injustice we secure an equality and freedom for all our brothers and sisters throughout the world. May there be an end to racism, police brutality, and unjust wars. May there be a dawning of a truly human society built on anti-racism and peace, and not on the false idea of white supremacy and skin color. May the true history of this city be told and how it was built on the foundation of racism and on the backs of people of color and the poor.




For all of the things we should have said against police brutality and did not say, for all of the things we could have done to prevent the Police Association from creating an oppressive system that is unaccountable and did not do, and for all of the things we could have thought over the years to prevent the unfair taking of our city dollars while social justice suffers, and did not think, we now rise. But today,  the spirit of unity for the cause of Black Lives Matter prevails as shown across the world and we salute and honor the courageous soldiers on the Front Line in the Battle against Racism—The Black Lives Matter Movement. This movement is over 400 years in the making and has come to this pivotal moment.




Humankind fights for a better world and battles for black lives to matter at every level. This is what is essential for the arc to bend toward righteousness. We should always be ready to shoulder our arms in the battle against racism. Unlike past generations, there are now hundreds of thousands of people who may have identified themselves by the invented category of “race,” but have refused to remain silent over the outrage of a system of institutionalized racism that made it possible for black lives to never matter. It stands to reason, that because white supremacy is being attacked on every level, white supremacist police officers think that they have a license to murder through their San Antonio Police Officers Association.  Their leader is resigning and we need to watch out for tricks from the new one that may surface from their unjust political bunker to buy city council members.




It seems incumbent upon us that in seeking an end to racism, race must be seen as fiction with horrible consequences; that hatreds of all kinds must be fought against with sustained efforts of protest now and in the future. We should not fail to shoulder our love of humanity by words and actions. We ask for victory against our oppressors in prayers of all religions.






Honor and Salute the Frontline Soldiers in the War against Racism












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