June 16, 2020




San Antonio Elected Officials who received donations from police organizations may want to return or donate to charity...






Protests against police brutality have caused some elected officials to reconsider and renounce campaign contributions from police unions across the country. But none in San Antonio has so far made that commitment who have taken donations from police and/or police organizations.


To end police oppression, we must defund the politicians who get paid to serve and protect it. Clouded judgement, during times of voting on legislation and making choices for the community you serve, can disable the right decision from being made if you know the organization who is doing wrong has given you money. Many feel beholdened to these donators as if they owe them something, and in politics, that is usually, exactly what that means. What politician cried out for Marquise Jones, Antronie Scott, Charles 'CHOP' Roundtree? The community urges all politicians to reject police and police organizations donations and to return or donate them to a cause that will help our nation.


In January of this year San Antonio's Mayor was in a position where he had to make the right choice and put the people over money and corporations. KSAT reported: Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s campaign said he would be getting rid of all contributions from the co-owners of a communications company at the center of a federal bribery investigation.“Mayor Nirenberg, out of an abundance of caution, has decided to donate $6,000 to the Battered Women’s Shelter. That is the aggregate total of contributions received from Richard and JoAnne Wells,” said Kelton Morgan, Nirenberg’s campaign consultant told KSAT.


“So I’ll say what we’ve already said, which is that if any of those contributions turn out to be tainted by someone who is not engaged in -- who is engaged in improper behavior, I’ll do exactly what I’ve done in the past, which is donate those or return those,” Nirenberg said.


Our Mayor understands the power of a monetary donation. We can only hope, in the times when history is being repeated and made, that our elected officials, who have received funds, return or donate the funds to ensure constituent transparency and service to your black community.


Elected officials including Hawkins, Sandoval, Perry, Havrda, and Courage reported $500 dollars in donations received while Garcia reported $1,000 in donations received.


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