When people saw George Floyd being lynched by a racist police officer the country exploded. Marches and protests of people that have no fear of the police, Donald Trump, the racist militias that stand in front of the Alamo and stores that support them, have continued to protest and are unstoppable. The demand that has crystallized is police reform and accountability. The police association contracts that dot the country are filled with corrupt and often racist association bosses that allow police officers to escape punishment by using arbitration tactics that can be used to rehire officers that have brutalized thousands. Data from the period between 2007 until now shows that over 5,000 African Americans have died at the hands of police across the country. Many of these killings have been caught on camera, but even then have been able to get rehired after a police chief has fired them. Rotten and corrupt police associations are the main enemy and it is no different in San Antonio where over 123 people have died while in SAPD custody.




Additionally, San Antonio has the worst record in the United States of rehires of police officers after the chief has fired them at 70%. The difference between San Antonio and Minnesota is that the San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA) covers up the crimes of criminal police officers through their contract that allows them to hide the identities of corrupt racist officers. Also, their contract allows them to get ridiculous amounts of monthly payments to clean their uniforms and helps them with lawyers for divorces and child custody cases at the tax-payers’ expense. This is on only the tip of the CORRUPT BURG SAPOA contract. They also have a 180 statute of limitations that they use to get brutal cops off the hook. This is why the citizens must get this contract thrown out.  The law under Chapter 174 of the local government code allows the police association to have a lopsided scheme that favors them over the citizens. Among many things Chapter 174 sets up an unfair resolution process where arbitrators are instructed to consider conditions affecting a police officer’s job but does not require them to take into account the city’s concerns regarding accountability. Basically this law allows this police contract to overrule public accountability. San Antonio can vote to opt out of Chapter 174 with a public vote, and that is what we need to do.


Another part of the local government code is Chapter 143. This law shields corrupt criminal cops from accountability and prevents the police chief from disciplining misconduct more that 180 days after the crime was committed by a police officer. San Antonio can vote this chapter out as well via a ballot referendum. Not for one minute should we believe that San Antonio has only a few bad apples in the police department—we have a barrel full of rot. Noble Cooper was killed with a taser gun by officers Oliver Flaig and Arnoldo Sanchez and sat on him cutting off his air supply,  while Marquise Jones was shot in the back by SAPD officer Robert Encina. Charles Roundtree was killed while sitting on a couch by wild police gunfire. Recently an officer Jones, Badge number 1746 was accused of abuse and in the past SAPD officers murdered Bobby Jo Phillips. Last year, a relative of the SAPOA president Mike Helle was allowed to leave the scene without an alcohol test—if this is not corruption then what? How long must we put up with brutal racist police officers empowered by a corrupt contract? We need for citizens to come forward and tell their stories of how they were savagely abused by SAPD officers. It will make a very long movie!



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