June 30, 2020

Do Your Part: Complete the 2020 Census



Today, the collection of accurate, comprehensive race and ethnicity data in the census is central to implementing, monitoring, and evaluating a vast range of civil rights laws and policies, from fair political representation and voting reforms, to equal opportunity and access across all economic and social sectors of society, including housing, education, health care, and the job market. The data provides evidence of unequal impact of governmental and private sector policies and practices, and assists civic and business leaders in devising solutions that promote equality of opportunity and address the needs of a diverse population.

The 2020 census has several wide-ranging impacts including voting rights, employment, education, housing and lending, health care, criminal justice, and economic security, among other issues. Your household participation in Census 2020 can also result in black owned financial institutions coming back to our community.  

Measuring racial and ethnic discrimination, whether intentional or shown to have a discriminatory impact, is necessary to illuminate and address barriers to equal opportunity and social justice through the advancement of laws, policies, and practices that promote fair and equal treatment of all Americans.  

Do your part and complete the Census today at


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