There was a time in my life when the only thing that mattered was going out with my friends. I was in the military but did not care about anything other than having fun. I think my first hint of realism came with Desert Storm. Suddenly I was keenly aware that I was not immortal, however it did not wake me from my daze. I remained oblivious about my surroundings and cared little about the needs of my community. In fact, I didn't even vote.

As I “figuratively” slept, major events were happening around me. Issues surrounding inequities in education, such as the argument around the Robin Hood plan, which sought to redistribute tax dollars from wealthier districts to poorer districts to ensure an equitable distribution of resources were given to those most in need. The Alamodome dirt issue was beginning, and the Rodney King trial and LA Riots were occurring on the west coast…and I was still in a daze.

My apathy was also an enormous contributor to my poor academic performance at San Antonio College, I had attended 3 semesters at SAC and failed every course, except for orientation. As I entered the Fall Semester of 1992, I told myself that this would be my last semester, I had to find another path because the one I was on was not proving productive.

Then it happened. I was twenty-one years old when my whole world changed. It is the age in which I found my purpose. I owe an enormous debt to the Faculty and Staff at Alamo Colleges for helping me realize my potential and imagine my future. Twenty-nine years later, I have a very hard time remembering a time when I was not involved in my community. My life is all about supporting my community and doing my best to make a difference.

I remain a firm believer in working together. I succeeded over the course of these past twenty-nine years as a direct result of working hand in hand with my community. That belief is the impetus behind my efforts to form an Alamo Colleges, District 2 Advisory Committee (ACD2AC).

This committee will be central in creating a formal process of communication between my office and my community. The committee will play a crucial role in identifying needs across District 2 as well as help develop ideas that will ensure the full impact and resources of Alamo Colleges is reaching our citizens. Most importantly, the Committee will work directly with me to create accountability measures, ensuring the work we are doing is moving US forward. We do not have time to hope things are happening, we must become part of the process to ensure that it actually happens. Currently twelve individuals have expressed interest, in which I am very appreciative: Names listed below:

Salena Guipzot, Nicole McAlister, Beverly Watts Davis, Denise Gutierrez Pintor, Will Covington, Naphtali Bryant, Mark Price, Audie Clark, Royce Sullivan, Col. Jason Mims (Ret.), Pamela Arevalo-Thompson and Liz Franklin.

I will be taking community interest for the next two weeks. Our initial committee meeting will be held the first week in August. Call or text me to inquire – 210.386.0075. Let’s move D2 forward – Together.


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