SAISD Reassigns Sam Houston Principal, Dr. Diop, Vacancy Notice to fill Position Posted on SAISD Website



I am pleased to say that SAISD has finally listened to our students. It has been confirmed that as of Saturday evening Dr. Diop is being reassigned from the position of Principal at Sam Houston High School.  SAISD posted the position last week, when the news broke, for applicants to apply.  Please see our Board Trustee for D2, Alicia Perry's statement above.  Mrs. Perry explains that they are listening to our students and are concerned with the lack of leadership. 


The bigger question now, is are they going to keep listening to our concerns?  As they are looking for a replacement we should think about what the students feel they need from their school. I have been told that there have been many meetings with “ Stakeholders” that live within our community. Now I would like to ask who are these people and what type of decisions are they making? If they were the ones that hired Dr. Diop then we need to ask that a new committee of “Stakeholders” be formed ASAP. This committee should consist of current students, teachers, and parents. If SAISD can send out a general survey to ask what school calendar we should choose for next year then they can send us  a form that allows us to voice what we want for Sam Houston. 


The job posting below can be found at


In today’s society we need to stop letting these nonprofits take over our schools because we’re not a company that one can buy and sell. The fact is that Texas laws have made it possible for our schools to be turned over to these nonprofits. We have been lied to long enough we don’t need nonprofits that pick and choose who gets help in our schools. Parents, we need to let teachers take back their classrooms so that our students can learn. We need to stop walking over the average student by not helping them rise above. We need to have mentors that find a way to help our students.  


Again, the community applauds Sam Houston High School's 2020 Valedictorian, Payton GoGo, who took the moment everyone was watching during his graduation speech to ask the community to help Sam. In short, Payton shed a lot of light that enabled action for the future of our students.  As always, I am here for you all please email me at


Have a blessed week,





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