Sam Houston High School’s next Principal- 'Community Town Hall' Meeting held by SAISD July 8th




Hello SAISD Parents,

As you all know, we're looking for a new Principal at Sam Houston High School after Dr. Diop was reassigned from the position.  We have gotten rid of one rotten apple, it seems like SAISD hasn’t heard the voices of our students, teachers, and parents. I received an email yesterday about SAISD having a small meeting at Sam Houston High School in the ROTC building, referring to it as a “Community Town Hall Meeting,”.   Immediately I thought, why weren’t all of us invited?  The flyer you see here was sent out initially on July 4th by the Office of High School Leadership Mr. Daniel Girard, Assistant Superintendent for a meeting on July 8th.  How does Mr. Girard call this a 'Community Meeting' when it was never disseminated to the community?  I don’t believe a Zoom meeting, that serves as a town hall format to hear parents, would be of inconvenience to SAISD seeing how so many of our children were inconvenienced with an absent principal for the past few years.   At the very least, a notification of the meeting to parents so they can keep abreast of what our children may be going into next year between the walls of Sam Houston High.   I guess SAISD has decided to do things behind closed doors again, leaving our students without a voice.  We have found ourselves in this position because the students used their voice, now SAISD believes they still have all the answers without any student or parent input.

We must stand united and speak up for all of the students, teachers, and parents because it is obvious they are not capable of hiring the right person to run our school. It’s time to explain to SAISD that just because you have a fancy title or education doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to help our students. The question now is, why do they keep lying to us and doing things behind closed doors? Parents, let's help them out because it seems that the over educated don’t understand the true definition of what Community means which is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Parents, last time I checked, we all have a common goal: which is to get a proper education for our children.


The district has ignored our children and teachers long enough; it’s time for us to stop allowing them to have these meetings behind closed doors, so let’s open all the doors and speak up! We must remember that SAISD has created this mess at Sam Houston, so it’s time for us to fix this mess. It should say above the new door, “Sam Houston High School, the school that leads all students to success.” After-all, we are the “Pride of the Eastside”, or will the behind closed-door meetings allow the ‘stakeholders’ to sweep the school right out from under our feet and our heart.  Let’s stand up community and email your thoughts on Sam Houston’s and SAISD’s leadership of your children, it’s time they answer and not in a generalized statement that any company can put out to acquire more time to provide and information.  Please remember that we must practice social distancing and wear a mask if you’re going to this in-person meeting.

If you have any question or concerns, please email me at

Have a Blessed Week,




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