July 7, 2020

Protect Our Local Interests



If all politics are local, then census participation is hyper-local especially in San Antonio’s underserved communities.  The price for non-participation could be high, as communities of color could lose representation in the state legislature or in Congress. Communities of color face unique risks: The Voting Rights Act prohibits drawing congressional-district boundaries that would dilute so-called “majority-minority” districts, but the districts are only protected if the “minority group” — people of color or people who speak a language other than English—represents at least 50 percent of residents.


San Antonio’s eastside community was once a strong Democratic voting bloc.  It has become a victim of redistricting which dilutes the needs and wishes of the community.  Currently, the eastside has a response rate of about 54%. Communities indisputably lose a certain amount of federal money for each person that does not get counted.  The Census Bureau estimates that the undercount for African American communities could be as high as 4%.  That is double the undercount number from the 2010 Census.  If we are to continue the progress achieved during the Black Lives Matter protests, we must not sleep on this opportunity.  We must protect our local interests!  Complete Census 2020 today!

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