Voters Beware!

Go out and vote on Election Day.

Let your actions speak louder than what you say.

You have the right to participate in the election by standing in line and making your selections.

You need to make sure you have researched the candidates you choose, because it is a factor which determines who wins or lose.

It is important to choose a candidate who’s for ALL and not just the majority especially if your race is considered the minority.

Instead of focusing only on the political party, make sure your candidate is not segregating ethnic groups into majority or minority.

"No race should be marked as superior or inferior."

It shouldn’t be about the donkey or the elephant but the importance of voting in an election being relevant.

In choosing your candidates for any office, be wise, because there are some pretenders out there who may be wearing a disguise.

We must look for candidates who are honest, and a person we can trust and not someone who's trying to manipulate us.

You have some candidates who’ll tell you they’re for the people and all that exist, but once in office you discover they’re a frickin’ narcissist.

They end up being someone who wants it to be all about him and not others; then you end up wishing you had chosen another.

Be sure to go out and make your vote count so your decision can be paramount.


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