All Kids Count!

July 14, 2020




It is critical that we count all kids in the 2020 Census because when kids are not counted, states and cities lose money and do not get their fair share of resources to ensure children thrive. Moreover, the last census missed young kids of color at more than twice the rate that white children were missed. Children of all races and backgrounds will grow up to build America’s future, so we must count all kids to make them a priority and to direct funding to meet their needs.  


Eight percent of school funding comes from the Federal government.  If our youth are undercounted, schools like Sam Houston become double losers. Both schools are at a disadvantage because of the impact property taxes have on school funding.  Losing federal dollars, because some of us choose not to be counted, will hurt much needed programs that other school districts take for granted. Today, children and young people are global citizens, powerful agents of change and the next generation of caregivers, scientists, and doctors. Any crisis presents the opportunity to help them learn, cultivate compassion, and increase resilience while building a safer and more caring community. Give the kids in our community the chance that they deserve. 


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