New Breonna Taylor Law Will Ban No-Knock Warrants in Louisville, Ky.


The Louisville Metro Council voted unanimously to ban no-knock search warrants after the police shot Ms. Taylor dead in her home in March.



Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Ky., said that he would sign “Breonna’s Law” after city council members voted unanimously to ban “no-knock” warrants, a controversial procedure that the city’s police force used during the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor in March.


“I plan to sign Breonna’s Law as soon as it hits my desk,” Mr. Fischer said in a statement after the Metro Council vote. “I suspended use of these warrants indefinitely last month, and wholeheartedly agree with Council that the risk to residents and officers with this kind of search outweigh any benefit.”


In addition to barring the execution of warrants without knocking, the measure also sets new guidelines for other types of search warrants, according to a statement from the council. It requires that police officers have their body cameras on when conducting a search, and sets a minimum time period before and after the operation that the cameras must remain active.


“A few weeks ago, the community began to cry out for justice and change,” said Councilwoman Barbara Saxton Smith, a primary sponsor of the ordinance, after the vote. “You spoke, we listened, and tonight we took action.”


Ms. Taylor, 26, an emergency medical technician, was killed by the police on March 13, after three officers used a no-knock warrant to enter her apartment with a battering ram, during a late-night drug investigation. The officers shot Ms. Taylor at least eight times.


They have not been charged, fueling widespread protests in Louisville and in cities across the country, with many demonstrators holding up the stories of Ms. Taylor and other black people killed by officers to call for greater accountability for the police.


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