Will the district look for a new Sam High School Principal that fits the profile derived at the Town-hall/zoom meeting?



 If we want to fix our school, we have to have everyone involved from parents, nonprofits, and community members. We need to approach this as if we have just been through a major disaster, and now we need all the resources available to help all the schools. SAISD only cares about their schools that are doing well, but in reality, those schools get more support than Sam Houston or Davis. Our district gave Mr. Martinez an 8 percent raise to show how much we appreciate how he turned over 18 or 19 campuses to nonprofits, and last time I checked, educators never do it for the money they do it because they care about the children. We hope that remains true through SAISD’s decision making although we are starting to see through clearer lenses this may not be the case.

Mr. Jason Mims expressed concerns during the meeting, explaining-  while the profile of what the district and parents would like to see in a new principal is great the SAISD job posting does not mention these qualities or skills within the job posting. The job posting simply shows an opening for a principal at Sam Houston High. The end.  We must ensure the profile of what our community wants in a principal is applied when selection time comes of the applicants. How will an applicant know they are qualified for the needs of Sam if the job posting has no criteria specific to the position other than the title Principal.  This is not just ANY job, we need a candidate who is invested beyond education and understands the obstacles they must overcome to be successful, for starters that would be to be present at the school on a daily basis- the whole day, not just half of the day like we've been experiencing.


We hope the SAISD Board, especially our District 2 SAISD representative, Alicia Perry, who has shown she is invested in our kids and we hope to see more of her help as we work through huge issues at Sam Houston and again, all of our schools that have been ignored.

The questions that parents asked via the zoom meeting about what they are looking for in a new principal were simple:
1. Are we looking to hire someone within our district or do you have candidates in mind already?

2. Will this new Principal help the students and teachers with more resources?
3. How will we close the learning gaps in our school?

4. In what ways can we connect the school leadership with our community?
5. What other nonprofits will work with our school and the new Principal to build a better relationship with our students and community?
6. Will parents, teachers, and students be able to meet the candidates chosen to be our new principal and ask questions before SAISD makes a new hire?
7. Will the SAISD Board and SAISD as a whole be held accountable for these issues and fixing them going forward?
8. Concerned parents coming to the school and volunteering would like to see more parents involved in Sam Houston High.  More support is needed in the parent room, how will you get parents more involved?

Those who attended the Sam Houston High Community Town-hall in person or virtually were present to ensure our children receive the support they need without having to jump through many worthless obstacles to get things done.  

Stay tuned parent, this is only the beginning and we must stay involved every step of the way in order to not have a REDO of the past couple years of administration at Sam Houston High that has brought us to this point in time.




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