Bad cops get to stick around

Good Police Officers Should be Rewarded for Reporting Rotten Ones



A former Honolulu police officer sentenced to four years for civil rights offenses that are as terrible as SAPD bad cops being rehired or allowed to work in Leon Valley as police officers after being fired from SAPD. We will forever remember the psychotic actions of Matthew Luckhurst, who tried to feed dog feces to a homeless man. Rarely are cops disciplined for horrendous crimes in other parts of the country or San Antonio for that matter. One case in Hawaii is another example of cops gone wild.


According to new reports, one officer was sentenced in “Federal court by U.S. District Judge Leslie E. Kobayashi to 48 months of imprisonment for his role in violating an individual’s constitutional rights. In December 2019, one officer Rabago pled guilty to one count of conspiring to deprive a person of his civil rights, and to one count of acting under color of law to deprive the same individual of his rights.” According to court documents, Rabago and another officer “conspired to force an individual to lick a urinal in a public bathroom.”  This was not the first time that this officer completed a sick act. He also “made another individual place his head in a public bathroom toilet in order to avoid arrest.”

San Antonio police forces have protection under local government codes 174 and 143 which allows bad cops to be rehired after the Chief of Police, William McManus, fires them through a trick formula that allows for shadow arbitrators to rule in their favor. These two government codes must be repealed by the voters and many in San Antonio are sick and tired of police officers not being disciplined and allowed to run amuck. The voters must vote out this tyrannical power that the San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA) uses like a hammer to violate common decency and civil rights. If and when this issue comes before the voters, be prepared to repeal the power of bad cops to continue to oppress the citizens of San Antonio. We must celebrate the good officers that report the ones that commit despicable acts of depravity such as beatings, rapes, false arrests, bad shootings, making racist jokes, using the N word, and other crimes against humanity. Our black and brown officers must be respected and good police officers must be rewarded. Good officers who report bad officers need to be protected from retaliation by officers with a Ku Klux Klan mentality. The community is not anti-police, but we are anti-rotten cop and anti-SAPOA contracts that allow corrupt criminal officers to stay on the force.

According to the Rivard Report online, a Lt. Joseph Salvaggio “was taking an exam to become a captain when he was found carrying a Post-it note with numbers on it corresponding to the candidates taking the exam that he had used as scratch paper. He was accused of taking “test materials” into the exam, though he disputed the note constituted “test materials.” Police Chief William McManus fired him but Salvaggio appealed the firing. A shadowy arbitrator ruled in his favor and restored him to his position with full back pay. “Salvaggio ended up leaving SAPD and became police chief of the City of Leon Valley.”  The real question now is “What is he doing now”? He is now reported to be hiring criminal officers in Leon Valley making the streets of Leon Valley unsafe for average citizens. When will the abusive officers be stopped and the power to fire criminal cops be given back to the city. All across the nation police associations are more interested in protecting criminal cops than the citizens that they are supposed to protect and serve.




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