July 21, 2020

Mayor Nirenberg posted a direct message to the citizens of San Antonio this past Sunday warning everyone to remember safety as coronavirus swells in our city. The Mayor stated:  



“With a sharp spike in identified cases over the last few days, it's clear that our community didn't take the Fourth of July weekend as seriously as we'd hoped.


COVID-19 isn't going away anytime soon, especially if we don't heed the warnings from our health officials.  Stay home to the greatest extent possible.  If you're an employer that can afford a work from home policy, try it out.  If you absolutely have to leave home, wear a mask.  Protect yourselves, your loved ones, and your neighbors. We're all in this together, San Antonio.”- Mayor Ron Nirenberg


Many people are tending to believe conspiracy theories lending notion to very odd circumstances as to why this virus is a ‘hoax’.  This message is spreading through social media like wildfire but the Mayor’s staff fired back to the ‘lies’ with a response: 


(Staff response) To the folks referencing "lies" - probably based on misleading information you've picked up surrounding antigen tests - the State of Texas' health department classifies positive antigen tests as an active COVID-19 infection.


We're not interested in your promotion of false narratives or conspiracies amid a health crisis. People are sick and dying.


Antigen positive tests are an active COVID-19 case. We can't speak to why exactly the State decided to remove them from the counts when they list antigen tests as an acceptable way to diagnose COVID-19 cases on their own website.


We aren't inflating case numbers in San Antonio. If anything, the State is under-reporting active COVID-19 infections. -end-



Heed the advice and warnings as much as humanly possible.  We do not want further layoffs, educational gaps, social isolation and deaths that are possibly avoidable.  


Stay at home when possible.  Work from home when possible.  Wear a mask at all times and be safe. 




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