SAISD makes final changes to the beginning of this next school year



Hello SAISD Parents,


As you all know, last week I sent out a list of questions asking SASID and other Stakeholders about how they will choose the next Principal for Sam Houston High School. The parents, students, and community have specific questions that deserve direct accountable answers.  With school starting in just a few weeks, will SAISD still fight for the community to be involved?  Parents, next week please grab a copy of the paper so you can follow the status of who will be the next principal at Sam.



This week I want to go over SAISD’s decision on when school will start and the options our students and parents will have this fall. These decisions are based on the TEA guidelines that have been put in place to protect everyone in our schools. First, the school will start on August 17th with 100% online-based learning for the first three weeks. Then after Labor Day, parents will be given the option to let their child return to school or to continue online. If any of our SAISD parents chose to send their child back to school, they must remain in school until the end of the first nine weeks. After the first nine weeks, you can change your decision and have your child return to 100% online remote learning. No matter what you choose, know that SAISD schools will be open for meals, technology distribution, and registration assistance. 


A letter distributed to all of the SAISD District from the Superintendent stated:


SAISD said in a letter to parents, "We believe this is a better way to start school. It allows us to ensure our safety protocols are fully in place, and that staff members are trained."  Superintendent Martinez also stated, "After Labor Day, parents can have their child continue in fully-remote learning or transition to fully on-campus learning for the following six weeks of the grading period. Students will either attend their assigned campus or participate in teacher-led remote learning from home, and in either case, your child will receive a high-quality education. Parents can make a change to the model they want at the end of each nine-week grading period." 


The full letter may be viewed below.




If you go on to any campus, remember to practice social distancing, and wear a mask. Also, know that our district is willing to work with our families if you may have health issues or concerns.


Parents, I know that these decisions are hard as were living in a time where stability is a difficult task to maintain. Yet somehow, we must find ways to live in this pandemic. We, too, must remember that our teachers and students face the most significant educational loss. So, know no matter what you decide to do, one way or another, we must find a way to educate our children.


Today I am asking all of my SAISD parents to work together and respect each other as we get through this pandemic. I have faith in my Eastside Community that we will find ways to help one another as we move forward. Lastly, please practice social distancing, wear a mask, and only go out if you need too.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at


Have a Blessed Week,


Lena Lopez





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