Stand and Be Counted- Answer the Door

July 21, 2020


Stand and Be Counted- Answer the Door


Despite the Trump Administration’s efforts to thwart the success of Census 2020, the effort to count all who reside in the United States and its unincorporated territories continues.  Soon enumerators will be knocking on the doors of those who have yet to complete the 2020 census.  Be not afraid!


Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution mandates that an apportionment of representatives among the states must be carried out every 10 years. Therefore, apportionment is the original legal purpose of the decennial census, as intended by our Nation's Founders. That Constitutional clause means everyone one who resides in the US or one of its territories must be counted.  Not just the wealthy, not just those who have attained college or, citizenship.  All who RESIDE IN the US and its territories! Attempts to include questions of citizenship have been found to be unconstitutional. The latest attempt to restrict the enumeration of nonwhite people in our population is by issue of executive order.  That too will fail.

Less than 45% of the traditionally; underserved east-side residents of San Antonio have responded to this year’s all-important census.  Do not do the work of those who pretend we do not exist for them.  Answer the door when enumerators knock on your door. Stand and be counted!





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