Our Community Mourns the Passing of Bryce Wisdom

Today we are going to veer off Alamo College District business and talk about strength, courage, love, and sorrow, those intertwining characteristics that we refer to as descriptors of life itself.  The recent passing of Bryce Wisdom, a young man who truly embodied the best of those attributes, is a passing that was too soon and unfair.


Some of you may not know Bryce, a student at Judson High School, who excelled on and off the football field. You could not miss his smile and his zeal for life. He was diagnosed with cancer and quite suddenly this vibrant young man was faced with the fight of his life. No high school student should have to carry the weight of those realities at a young age, but Bryce, his family, and his friends were ready to fight.



The diagnosis of cancer runs deeply in my family, I lost my Mother (43 years old), my Sister (6 years old), and my Father (70 years old) to this dreadful disease. I know all too well the range of emotions cancer inflicts on the individual and their family. The fight is an absolute necessity, but when the body deteriorates, the toll that your mind and body endure is overwhelming. I have spent many days and nights hoping and praying, as well as fighting back tears.


I understand first-hand the fight and its emotional grip. That is why Bryce’s story means so much to me. #BryceStrong is not merely a hashtag, it represents the fabric of our community standing together in support of a fight that may have seemed insurmountable for Bryce. His fight has been well chronicled and has resonated with citizens across this Country. His fight became our fight. Even though his treatment sometimes drained his energy, Bryce never stopped living, never stopped smiling, and never gave up. Invaluable lessons from a young man who was wiser than his age.


Bryce touched the hearts of millions and as our community mourns his passing, I join the chorus of those who Bryce touched. He served as an inspiration for millions to not just live, but to live no matter the struggles that may lie ahead. He fought the fight and did so with grace and honor all the way to the moment God called him home.


There is a sentiment I have heard that I will paraphrase, which states, there are those who are destined to be with us for a short time, but when their journey ends, they will leave behind the brightest light. It is this illumination that in turn helps guide us along our journey and helps guide each of us into being better parents, more loving family members, stronger friends, and better individuals.


Bryce, you left us an invaluable gift. You remind us about what it takes to be strong and courageous and how important it is to love our family and life itself.


My condolences to the Wisdom family. Much love and prayers.



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