August 1st National Black Lives Matter Protest



The San Antonio Black Lives Matter Movement has been active non-stop for weeks having events, marches, car caravans, rallies, medical supply and food giveaways, and raising awareness about the police association that protects criminal and abusive police officers. Abusive San Antonio police officers have protection under local government codes 174 and 143, which allows bad cops to be rehired through a trick formula that allows for non-public arbitrators to make rulings hidden from the public. The voters must vote out this tyrannical power that the San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA) uses like a hammer to violate common decency and civil rights. 



Residents are encouraged to sign a petition campaign that has begun at San Antonio Black Lives Matter supporters will participate in a car caravan demonstration in support of the national call to action on August 1st. According to activists, “Part of a nationwide solidarity action in San Antonio will be a car caravan that is also a food drive. Socially distant! Impactful! And gives back to our community. Don't forget to bring your canned goods and/or pet food to donate to the SA Food Bank!” Saturday, August is the day!


One resident was quoted as saying that, “SA POA influence in keeping bad and unfit officers on the force is the problem in San Antonio and  many of us already know of their corrupt maneuvers to keep bad cops on the job and patrolling our community. When the voting comes before the city for voting on such issues we want to be ready to get to The Ballot Box.” The rigged system contract that the police association has is supplied with expert attorneys to get criminal police officers off to prey on people again. The whole contract is rigged from the 180 day statute of limitations to the process that allows fired cops to be rehired and continue to threaten the community. Maybe the city should hire a civil rights attorney to lead the charge in arbitration. Our city is made unsafe when criminal police officers are allowed to remain on the force.


We are faced with racists called a “Karen” On the internet, a "Karen" is a label for a stereotypically rude, racist middle-aged white woman—the type who demands to "speak to the manager" or call the police on Black people in innocent situations. In many cases, the arriving officer(s) supports the “Karen” claim and the situation escalates. Upon investigation, racists who called the cops on a fake accusation should be arrested immediately. The Black Lives Matter Movement may be the largest movement in American history as millions across the country are sick and tired of racist and abusive police officers killing people of color. Moreover, news reports indicate the shooting of a protester in Austin recently.


According to the movement, “August 1st is the day for the Nationwide March for Black Lives Matter in DC with solidarity actions happening across the nation. In San Antonio we will be doing a car caravan that is also a food drive .... Hosted by San Antonio Coalition for Police Accountability (SACPA). Show up with your car already decked out, or with supplies to decorate there. We will also have some pre-made signs to help decorate your cars. Social distancing guidelines will be followed. MASKS REQUIRED IF YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE!! This is also a food drive to help out the San Antonio Food Bank, who has been doing food distributions for our community 6 days a week during this pandemic. Bring non-perishable goods, pet food, or even diapers and wipes to donate to help out our community! The route and starting location to be announced soon!”


To join the caravan on August 1st please visit Facebook at:  The caravan will begin at 11:00 am until 1:30 pm.  




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