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August 2, 2017

REAL Friends NEVER Die!

Remember back in the day when you got into a fight with someone and then turn around and become THE BEST of friends with them? Some people STILL are best friends today! I miss friendships like that…the ones you least expect. Hell, I miss REAL friendships period! We all need at least one good friend. It doesn’t matter what color they may be, how old, or how young…when you have a good f...

July 25, 2017

No matter how much our kids get on our nerves…They are OUR KIDS! We must love them and protect them from harm. When I was growing up on the Eastside, being a kid was the best thing in the world. My brothers and I used to walk through the woods along the creek, searching for new adventures. In school, I used to play with my friends and perform in school plays. We went with our grandmother to church on Sunday...

July 19, 2017

I’ve been chilling and enjoying my family this summer, but I couldn’t help but notice that Mayor Nirenberg formed a whole bunch of “committees.”  What’s Interesting is District 2 Councilman Cruz Shaw serving as chair of the Public Safety Committee.  It’s responsible for establishing policies and programs related to fire protection, emergency management, EMS service delivery, police and law enforcement and j...

July 12, 2017


If you love juicy burgers (with ice cream on top), baby back ribs, a great family atmosphere, and LOTS OF FUN! Then The 3rd All-American Burger Festival (AABF) is THE EVENT to attend this weekend! AABF is a full day summer celebration that promises fun activities like a Kidzone for the kids, a Car Show for the car lovers, and Live performances for the music lovers. Mark Outing, own...

July 5, 2017

My grandfather, Ted Carter was skillful at many things. He was what some would call a “True Jack” or people person. I remember when We were little, he built our bunk beds from scratch! The man could pretty much build anything with his bare hands. When I saw him do that I knew I could do anything I put my mind to.

We are as strong as we believe! We can do anything we put Our minds to! Every time we focus...

June 28, 2017


I come to you with a Message! One given to me in a Vision…from The All Mighty God! The Lord called my name and said, “Walter, I want to show you something!” God placed me in a state of Taqwa (God Consciousness) to keep me at Peace…Because what I SAW was indeed remarkable!  In this Vision…I was standing on The Freedom Bridge…Somewhere between The Eastside and Heaven....

June 21, 2017

Last week I received a mass text saying that there’s going to be a “SECRET MEETING” about The Ella Austin Center being torn down so, I and about 10 of my friends attended. When we arrived, we saw the same old washed up faces conducting the meeting, and to NOBODY’S SURPRISE, Beverley Watts-Davis was front and center. The word was going around that the Ella Austin Board was SECRETLY MEETING to discuss plans t...

June 7, 2017

“Dad, am I next?”

A LOT of Folks may NOT admit it but....

I think deep down inside there are people in positions of power in San Antonio that hate Black Folks.'s regular everyday people that hate Black Folks… For this City to be 6-7% Black I believe we have done pretty good despite our obstacles...and guess what? Other groups don't like that!

They want Us to BOW DOWN and BEHAVE like some domesticated...

May 24, 2017

On Monday night C.O.P.S Metro ignited their Get Out the Vote Rally to motivate voters City Wide to exercise their Power to Vote in the June 10th runoff elections in San Antonio.

The PACKED event was held at Dominion COGIC on the Eastside. Supt. Geoffrey Stirrup (Dominion COGIC), Dr. Doshie Piper (True Vine Church), and Maria Tijerina (Our Lady Guadalupe Church) asked the newly elected City Council winners An...

May 17, 2017

Dear Walter,

Nicki Murrell writes on Facebook that Representative Gervin-Hawkins has no responsibility to comment on the San Antonio Observer articles about her bad performance for the past two weeks.   Is she right or wrong? 

She also writes that Barbara Hawkins was only taking a vote for charter schools in her post.  This appears to be a direct lie as Gervin-Hawkins was the author of her own bill (HB-3...

May 10, 2017

Hi Gail. My name is Tammy. I read your article and was very moved by it. I could not agree more with you, but as people, I don't find the church being involved enough to help our youth or tomorrow. I have applied for a grant to hopefully be able to start something for our young people so that they can get more involved. I live on the NorthEast side and also feel that some can be done as a whole. If we can g...

May 3, 2017

Dear Walter,

This is an open letter to the Pastors, Deacon, Parishioners, and other members of the

clergy who reside in San Antonio, Texas. We are failing the youth in our community.

On the east side of the city there is a pun that you can find a church on every corner

which is very close to being accurate. This can’t be true because if it were the tenets of

their religious faith would have moved them to help th...

April 26, 2017

When I was in high school...God removed me away from society and placed me away from my friends and Family. Those who grew up with me knew how much i was involved in school, sports, extracurricular activities and all that.... Well God removed me for a time before I had a chance to attend my high school prom...I can't lie, I use to sit in prison as a youngster and feel bad about all the fun stuff I missed ou...

April 19, 2017

Dear Walter,

I love what you are doing for Our Youth through the Suit Up! Program.

Is the councilman Alan Warrick or any of the city leaders helping you out with donations or anything? This is an awesome program that deserves All the support it can get!

Thank you for helping the young men at Healy Murphy for prom!

- Citizen of District 2

I am a mother, a wife and a resident of this Eastside Community


April 12, 2017


I liked the "open letter to Mayor Ivy Taylor"". The writer asked several important questions. I have another question for Mayor Taylor.

In the past months so much hate and intolerance has come out of the WH. With trump banning people, rounding up people and making inflammatory remarks about people.

At the height of all the commotion about Sanctuary cities and cities turning in undocumented people,...

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